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A1Lawn 80/20 Grass Seed & Wildflower Mix - 1kg


This mix contains a stunning variety of British cornfield annuals and longer-lasting perennials. The grass species in this mix are jointly matched to their wildflower counterparts to create a luxurious meadow as it would be naturally in uncultivated land. The grass in this mix will germinate first after sown, creating a nursery for the Pollinators to thrive in.

  • Sowing Rate (new area): 5g/m2
  • Approx. Coverage: 200m2
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Wildflower Mix:

  • 15% Birdsfoot Trefoil
  • 10% Ribwort Plantain
  • 10% Red Flowering Clover
  • 10% Vetch
  • 10% Poppy
  • 10% Yarrow
  • 10% Corn Flower
  • 10% Sainfoin
  • 3% Black Knapweed
  • 3%Wild Carrot
  • 3% Ladys Bedstraw
  • 3% Corn Chamomile
  • 3% Common Marigold

Grass Mix:

  • 45% Chewings Fescue
  • 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • 20% Slender Creeping Red Fescue
  • 5% Browntop Bent

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