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Depitox Selective Weed Killer - 5 Litre


Depitox is a selective herbicide weed killer that is excellent at controlling ragwort as well as many annual and perennial broadleaved weeds that are found in grassland. Depitox is a soluble concentrate containing 500g/l (42% w/w) 2,4-d as the dimethyfamine salt.

• MAPP No. 13258
• Approx. Dilution Rate: 150ml per 10 litres of water
• Dilution rate should be doubled when treating ragwort
• Approx. Coverage: 5 Ltrs - up to 17,500 m2

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A soluble concentrate containing 500 g/l (42% w/w) 2,4-D as the dimethylamine salt. For the selective control of the annual and perennial broadleaved weeds in winter and spring wheat, barley and rye, winter oats, undersown cereals, established agricultural and amenity grassland, managed amenity turf, apple and pear orchard floors.


  • 500 g/L 2,4-D as DMA salt
  • Controls many important broadleaved weeds in cereals including Charlock, Common pansy, Fat hen and Shepherd’s purse.
  • Use on grass floors under orchards.
  • Can be used in a wide range of cereal crops.
  • Controls many key weeds in grassland.
  • Tank mix recommendation for Ragwort control.
  • Non-ALS mode of action to help manage herbicide resistance.


NB: There are legal responsibilities on both the seller and buyer/user of professional strength weed killers such as Depitox. These responsibilities are covered by the 'Plant Protection Products Regulations 2011' and European legislation 'Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009'. Details of these regulations can be found here.

Please ensure you read and understand these regulations before you buy this product.

Please note: professional pesticide products must be applied in accordance with the Ministry Code for Plant Protection Products, more information can be found here by clicking here or by speaking to one of our advisors on 0800 411 8141.

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