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Diamond Mares Tail / Horse Tail Killer

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The superb new product for killing Mares Tail / Horse Tail. Fast acting, it also controls invasive weeds such as Ragwort, Nettles and Thistles.

• MAPP No. 18832
• Approx. Dilution Rate: 300ml per 10 litres of water
• Approx. Coverage: 5 Ltrs - up to 10,000 m2

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Horsetail / Marestail is a weed that is particularly troublesome to control as its roots are both deep and fast growing. Horsetail can reach up to 1m high during the summer months. Horsetail is difficult to control by hand as it can re grow from the smallest of rhizomes left in the soil. To control Horsetail you will need a weed killer specifically designed to target Horsetail such as Diamond. Diamond replaces the popular product 'Pearl'.

Best results are obtained from applications made under good growing conditions (adequate soil moisture and warm/humid conditions), when the weeds are actively growing and at the recommended growth stages for treatment. After application, glyphosate is strongly adsorbed onto the soil particles and becomes practically immobilised within the soil. As a result, it has no further herbicidal activity and it is subsequently broken down by microbial activity. New crops can be sown or planted at very short intervals after application.


  • 160g/l 2,4-D + 240g/l Glyphosate.
  • The best product for the treatment of Mares Tail.


NB: There are legal responsibilities on both the seller and buyer/user of professional strength weed killers such as Diamond. These responsibilities are covered by the 'Plant Protection Products Regulations 2011' and European legislation 'Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009'. Details of these regulations can be found here.

Please ensure you read and understand these regulations before you buy this product.

Please note: professional pesticide products must be applied in accordance with the Ministry Code for Plant Protection Products, more information can be found here by clicking here or by speaking to one of our advisors on 0800 411 8141.

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