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Blood Fish & Bone - 25kg


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Organic-based General Purpose Plant Food

  • Formulation: 5-5-6.5
  • Approx. Application Rate: 50 - 150g per m2
  • Approx. Coverage: Depends on rate
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Blood Fish & Bone is an organic-based general purpose plant food which provides the main nutrients for strong healthy growth. This granular fertiliser contains the three active ingredients - nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. The nitrogen aids strong growth and green, rich foliage whilst the slow release phosphate encourages increased root growth.

Blood Fish & Bone is a granular, powdered substance which can be applied by hands or spreader to all plants and crops.

If using before planting or sowing, apply the Blood Fish & Bone at a rate of 140g/m2 and gently fork or rake into the soil.

If using this product as a top dressing apply at a rate of 70g/m2 and gently fork into the soil.


Key Benefits:

- Can be used on all plants and crops.

- Provides major nutrients needed to aid strong and healthy growth.

- Can be applied by hand or with a spreader.

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