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100% Wildflower Mix



A superb mix of 100% annual and perennial Wild Flowers. It offers the best value when it comes to covering large areas.

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This is a wildflower mix that takes some beating. Not only is it superb value for money, but the broad spectrum of wildflowers it contains means that the variety and vibrancy of colours produced is truly spectacular.

The 100% Wildflower Mix contains :- 

  • 15% Birdsfoot Trefoil
  • 15% CornCockle
  • 10% Red Flowering Clover
  • 10% Vetch
  • 10% Poppy
  • 10% Ribwort Plantain
  • 10% Yarrow
  • 5% Corn Flower
  • 3% Black Knapweed
  • 3% Wild Carrot
  • 3% Hedge Bedstraw
  • 3% Corn Chamomile
  • 3% Corn Marigold

Sowing rate is 2g per square metre when used as an over-seed.


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