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A1 Lawn, Grass & Lawn Seed Suppliers

At A1 Lawn, we have worked incredibly hard to formulate and source the very best grass seed and lawn seed available. Believing 100% in each and every one of our seed mixes, we are a trusted supplier of grass seed for both domestic and commercial customers, spanning all different kinds of requirements and preferences - and it’s not unusual for us to be shipping the finest ornamental lawn seed for manicured lawns, right across to hard wearing grass seed for sports clubs, including football and rugby pitches.

Although the applications of our grass seed vary massively, grass seed is best sown in late summer and early to mid-autumn, although can be grown earlier in the spring and summer months. There are a few reasons why grass seed performs so well during late summer and autumn months, the soil is warm, there is less competition from weeds and the soil is at its warmest - assisting the germination and growth of the seed.

Grass Seed also has so many benefits, compared to the alternative of using turf - some of the benefits include: greater choice of exact seed (shady grass seed, hard wearing grass seed, ornamental grass seed etc) and grass seed is easy to use, and is easy to use in tricky areas, such as embankments and around trees and plants. To ensure our customers receive the exact product they need, we supply grass seed with and without ryegrass.

You can view the full range of Grass Seed across our site, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions about any of the range, and which grass seed is best for your requirements.