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Bonemeal - 25kg


Thomas Elliot Organic Bonemeal Fertiliser

  • Formulation: 3.5% nitrogen, 18.5% phosphate
  • Approx. Application Rate: 50g - 200g per m2
  • Approx. Coverage: Depends on rate
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Thomas Elliot Bonemeal is an organic fertiliser perfect for plant nutrition without excessive, rapid growth. Bonemeal contains a natural source of phosphate which is vital for young plants and is slowly released into the plant. Thomas Elliot Bonemeal is best suited for the use on shrubs, roses and other general garden plants during planting stages and seeding. We recommend also adding Bonemeal during the stage of planting trees to aid and encourage good root development.

How to Use:

To use as a general plant feed:

Gently fork the fertiliser into the soil approximately once a month during the growing season at a rate of around 140g per m2.

To use when preparing the seedbed, for borders and vegetables:

Gently fork the fertiliser into the soil before sowing at a rate of around 70g per m2. We recommend repeating this during the growing season approximately once a month.


Key Benefits:

- Provides organic plant nutrition without rapid, excessive growth.

- Contains good high levels of naturally sourced phosphate- ideal for phosphate hungry plants such as roses.

- Ideal for younger plants & trees just getting established.


- Is able to be used all year round.


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